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    Maybe you're having difficulty moving forward with your life the way you want. Maybe you've experienced a significant loss- the passing of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, losing your job, or dead dreams- and you're having trouble getting back to 'normal'.

    You feel stuck, and this frustrates you. You might have worried that you'll never really heal. You've considered counseling, but that bothers you too. "Normal people get over stuff like this on their own, right? If I see a therapist, doesn't that mean something is wrong with me, or I'm crazy?"
    Well, everyone can seem 'normal' until you get to know them, and 'No!' Coming to counseling does not mean you're broken, something is tragically wrong with you, or any of that. It means you're a regular person like the rest of us. Just as you might hire a personal trainer to help you with physical fitness, it makes sense to see a counselor for emotional and relational fitness. Everyone needs a little help sometimes!

    We are here to help in any way we can. Collaborative Changes is a place where you can actually say out loud what you've been thinking and feeling without being judged, critiqued, or blamed. It's where you can let down your guard and untangle the jumbled up thoughts that keep you restless. And once we do that, we help you live life differently because one of your goals is probably to be different and live the life you've always wanted.


    First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit this website and read this page. If you are here, it's probably fair to say that something is going on in your life that you're struggling with. I get it. And I don't think you or anyone should go through the struggle alone. If you'd allow me, I'd love to work with you, walk with you through the struggle, help you accomplish your goals, and get to your whole self.  I do that with compassion, understanding, and empirically researched therapeutic methods.  I'm also practical and help clients find what works for them.

    Apart from the awesome privilege of working with clients in therapy, I am married with a son and Pomeranian dog named Moja.  I am an avid reader and traveler. Although not a performing musician I really enjoy playing around on a number of instruments including a guitar, a set of drums, and a keyboard.  I also enjoy Latin dance.



    Jason is a Licensed Professional Counselor in two states and a Master Addiction Counselor certified by NAADAC (a professional association for addiction counselors). He is also a Licensed Supervisor for counselors in training. A skilled public speaker, he often appears in events and interviews that focus on topics such as mental health and spirituality.

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